Dr. Sathia Prakash

Founder of SP Care Group

Dr. Sathia Prakash is a local Rawang boy who was born on 19th June 1977. He completed secondary school in Sekolah Menengah Seri Garing, Rawang. Dr. Prakash’s leadership qualities was already sharpened at a tender age when he became the Head Prefect in his school. He continued to manifest his leadership qualities in his university life in Russia. He was also a strong and visionary student leader during his university days.


Soon after completing his degree in Medicine, Dr. Prakash enrolled in a post graduate course in Traumatology and Orthopedics. In Russia, being the first Malaysian to enroll in a post graduate course, he has paved the way for other Malaysians to follow and he kept encouraging his fellow mates to follow his footsteps. During his days in Russia, he had personally helped many aspiring Malaysian doctors, to fulfill their dreams in Russia.

Dr. Prakash decided that he wanted to enrich the quality of life of the residents of Rawang and thus, he began his own practice in his hometown, Rawang, in January 2009. At the age of 33, Dr. Prakash defied many others and opened the branch away from the town. However due to his right attitude and mindset, he successfully managed to create a chain of clinics which provided personalized care which is competent, affordable, accessible and effective.


Now after 10 years in operation(set-up) of his first clinic, Dr. Prakash has guided SP Care group to set up 9 others clinics reaching out to the population in the interior of the state of Selangor. Apart from the clinics, SP Care also has a Nursing Home and non-clinical services such as a boutique, restaurant and a carwash. Dr. Prakash also has spread his wings overseas, in Russia, India and Australia. Dr. Prakash main motto is To be extraordinary, go to the extra mile.


Dr. Prakash who came up from a humble background, is a people orientated man who has a soft spot to the people of Rawang . He has indeed helped and motivated many Rawangians, school children and organizations that has good intentions for the people. Dr. Prakash also encourages self-improvement. He has personally organized self-improvement courses for his employees to keep improving themselves. In SP Care, incentives are given for self–improvement eg. Having a driving license, owning a car or booking a house is rewarded as a bonus.


Therefore Dr. Prakash doesn’t believe a person has no ability. Every person has his or her special qualities, and Dr. Prakash believes that we should expose and amplify it. Apart from this, Dr. Prakash has participated in many humanitarian mission. He has traveled to many places within and overseas to provide his expertise in the field of medicine on pro bono basis. Apart from Davao, he has also travelled to Gaza Strip, Myanmar and Nepal to assist in the humanitarian aid that was organized by the Malaysian government.

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