We provide FOMEMA Medical Health Services for Foreign Workers.

We’re one stop centre providing Physical Examination, Blood Tests & X-ray Facilities.

We have 6 Clinics registered with FOMEMA.

Klinik SP Care Rawang

FOMEMA Doctor : Dr Sathia Prakash

Doctor code : D4ES000171

Xray code : X8EK000199

Klinik SP Care Bukit Sentosa

FOMEMA Doctor : Dr Dinesh Mahalingam

Doctor code : D5ED000034

Xray code : X7EK000243

Klinik SP Care Country Homes

FOMEMA Doctor : Dr Subatrai Emily

Doctor code : D9ES000113

Xray code : X9EK000281

Klinik Pakar Perubatan Dharan

FOMEMA Doctor : Dr Sasidharan

Doctor code : D5ES00001

Xray code : X6EK000017

Klinik SP Care Bandar Selayang

FOMEMA Doctor : Dr Abdul Rashid

Doctor code :D1EA000024

Xray code : X7EK000252

Klinik SP Care Batang Kali

FOMEMA Doctor : Dr Parandeep Singh

Doctor code :D7EP000060

Xray code : X9EK000344

Klinik SP Care Kota Damansara

FOMEMA Doctor : Dr Kalaiselvi A/P Letchemanan

Doctor code : D2EK000105

Poliklinik Kenanga

FOMEMA Doctor : Dr Soon Tong Kho

Doctor code : D5ES000127

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